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Having an order made against you is serious. You should seek the help of a solicitor to help guide you through the process so that you get the best possible outcome for your case. These are some of the question you may have:

Yes, because it’s a restrictive order and any breach of it can lead to a prison sentence. The order could be made in even in your absence so it’s in your interests to have legal representation.
It’s possible. Breaches can be subject to a sentence of up to five years.
There are lots of stipulations that can be included within an order. These can range from restrictions on your movement, where you’re allowed to go geographically, who you can have contact with, even your use of social media and the internet.
The order could contain conditions that are unworkable or unjust. They can also hamper your family life and restrict your ability to work.
This is a Domestic Violence Prevention Order. It’s a temporary order made by the police through the Magistrates’ Court to prevent the perpetrator of a domestic violence incident returning to their home or having contact with their victim for up to 28 days after a domestic violence incident occurs.

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