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Divorce is the legal dissolution or termination of a marriage. It can be enormously stressful and emotional and although you need to look after yourself on a personal level, it’s also important to understand what the legal process is and what’s best for you. Our experienced family lawyers can provide advice and guidance if you are considering getting a divorce or separation, dissolving a civil partnership, or making any kind of arrangements for children or financial settlements

Family and matrimonial law

Regardless of how complicated your think your situation might be, we have the expertise to assist you with all areas of family and matrimonial law. Our expert family lawyers can advise you on all divorce and separation matters including:

  • The Divorce Process
  • Separation
  • Financial Matters
  • Child Matters

Please contact our divorce and separation team on  0800 103 2600 or make an online enquiry and someone will get back in touch.

We have specialist divorce solicitors in our team who are members of Resolution which looks to guide you through your divorce in a non-confrontational way, advising what your options are, whilst taking care of the necessary paperwork. Russell & Russell also holds family law accreditations including The Law Society's Family Law Accreditation and Child Law Accreditation where by members need to have shown that they have and will maintain the required level of competence and knowledge, as defined by the Law Society, in the area of family law and Child Law.

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Below are some of the questions you may have about getting divorced.

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On average, the divorce process is around six months. This is because there are built in delays within divorce proceedings to allow time for parties to change their minds.

Legally you can’t file for divorce without having been married for at least 12 months first.

To start the divorce process you’ll need to provide the original marriage certificate or a certified copy. If the marriage certificate is in a language other than English, you have to provide a translation of it.

If your ex doesn’t respond to the papers it doesn’t mean you can’t get divorced as there are steps we can take to ensure you get your Decree Absolute.

Not usually, unless there’s an issue with costs. If the respondent wants to defend the divorce proceedings, the Court will list it for a verbal hearing, but this is the exception to the rule as most divorce proceedings pass undefended these days.

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