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Amputation Compensation Claims

Having to have an amputation following an accident can be distressing and have life changing implications for the victim of an accident and their families. Victims who have suffered such serious injuries that result in amputation will have to adjust to daily tasks and routines. This sort of transition is difficult enough without having to worry about the costs associated with initial medical care, rehabilitation, upkeep of prosthetics and other needs.

Our experienced personal injury solicitors at Russell & Russell have a specialist team of solicitors dedicated to amputation injury claims and can help clients across the UK to claim the compensation they deserve for a severe injury. 

Personal Injury Solicitors

Firstly as in all claims, we will seek to establish negligence on the part of the Defendant. Thereafter by consulting medical experts and other professionals, we will seek to ensure client’s receive an appropriate level of compensation for any life-altering injuries and procure access to treatment, rehabilitation, care, equipment, and accommodation changes that they may need into the future subject to the claim being successful and other issue being raised in respect of causation.

If you have been involved in a serious accident that has led to the amputation of a limb and you would like to speak to a personal injury solicitor, call Russell & Russell and one of the team will talk through your circumstances and advise the next steps to your claim

A personal injury claim can cover the cost of the prosthetic and make provisions for the ongoing maintenance of the limb. Sums may also be awarded for rehabilitation therapies, physiotherapy, and supportive equipment. There is no doubt that amputation can have a massive impact on a person’s physical and mental well-being, these issues which are often reflected in claims guidelines. Additionally, any required alterations that need to be made to your home or car, will also be taken into consideration depending on the claim. If your family is unable to provide you with enough care because of their own work commitments, then a carer may need to be employed. This will also be taken into consideration when calculating the compensation amount.

If liability is admitted at an early stage we will work with the Defendant’s Insurers to secure urgent treatment where possible.

There is a standard time limit on all personal injury claims of three years. This will only change if you are claiming for your child who is under 18, claiming for someone who does not have the mental capacity to deal with their own claim or your incident happened abroad, this will depend on the laws of the country where this happened.


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