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IAN ROBINSON (Senior Crown Court Litigator)

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Supervisor: Adam Whittaker
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Ian has been with the firm for many years and is a Crown Court Fee Earner and Accredited Police Station Representative.

Ian joined Russell & Russell in April 2002, having studied law at Newcastle University. He is responsible for a large number of cases in the Crown Court and is a fully accredited police station representative. He has dealt with a number of high profile cases and a large amount of offences under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

His work has also extended to prison law and has carried out a number of successful parole applications as well as adjudications.

Notable cases dealt with by Ian include:

R v Robinson (Part of Operation Incrusto) – not guilty verdict to a large scale conspiracy to import heroin.

R v Lomax – Successful challenge to the presumption of a minimum sentence for firearms offences.

R v Smith – Successful defence of a person accused of the widescale handling of stolen vehicle parts.

R v McGuire – Offences of robberies and aggravated burglaries in which the police used a ‘supergrass’ to tackle offences of this nature for the first time.

R v Marr – Case of dangerous driving reported nationally.

R v Jackson – Allegation of robbery and false imprisonment which received attention in the national press due to the bizarre circumstances of the offending.

R v Sangster and others – Large scale national fraud committed against a bank.

R v Jackson – Attempted Murder.

R v U – Allegation of widespread familial sexual abuse.


"I write to you too show my gratitude for the excellent service I have received off yourself and your Barrister.

"Firstly Ian, I would like too thank you for your strong professional attitude from day one you assisted and re-assured me in what was a very difficult and new environment for me, throughout the case you provided clear and concise helpful information that gave myself a much better understanding in difficult circumstances, I came to our meetings with many questions and it was not just that you answered these it was the way in which you did so without hesitation that gave me a lasting impression of what a professional you truly are, it was your preparation that gave me confidence when I needed it the most so a sincere thank you.

"For your Barrister again an unbelievable professional with a distinct eye for detail I have not previously come across, with such a warm personality in harsh circumstances a man I could trust always had my best interests at the forefront, over a period that was the most difficult time of my life your Barrister's astuteness gave me comfort, when I witnessed your Barrister's defence statement the content and delivery was of real power and almost cinematic, a very understanding and relatable gentleman all the best wishes.

"Again a sincere thank you to you both you made an excellent team and gave me the confidence needed."

Mr B

I never felt safer than when Mr Robinson dealt with my case.  He paid 100% attention to what I had to say.  He constantly made notes and asked questions to make sure he understands everything, he explained the law whenever needed, in a courteous, professional, easy to understand way and I felt that he is not just doing a job.  

Mr C
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